Unique Guitar, Purple Resin and Olive Wood


What can be said about this unique guitar that the pictures do not already say. The combination of gorgeous Olive wood and vibrant purple resin will stop people in their tracks when you show this to them. The electronics used within the build are also high-class so it sounds as amazing as it looks!

For the serious collector who wants a truly unique and one-off piece of musical art. While the price refelects that there is, and will only ever be one of these, we are open to serious offers.

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This stunning Olive wood and purple resin Guitar makes a great addition to any guitar collection and is something that can never be repeated. Built from only the high-level electronic components this instrument not only looks the part but sounds fabulous as well. Display this piece and you will stop people in their tracks. Play it and they will be totally amazed that something that looks this good can sound this great!

Build details:

Neck: Made from roasted maple (for extra hardness and longevity and enhanced appearance. A headstock end truss rod adjustment.

Pickups: The pickups are a Tonerider Nashville 60’s set, based around a 60’s-inspired Alnico 5 Vintage Plus set with an added crisp, fat strat middle pickup. They are  RWRP (reverse wind, reverse polarity) for hum cancelling operation in positions 2 and 4. they feature vintage braided wire, wax potting and latex springs. The details specification:-

MagnetAlnico 5 RodAlnico 5 RodAlnico 5 Rod
StaggerFlatTR VintageModified60s Staggered
Base PlateNoneNoneSteel

Pots: CTS as used on the Telecaster® since day one

Capacitor: 0.047, 100v Cornell Dubliner Orange Drop cap. 

Jack Socket: PureTone jack socket, with superior connectivity due to the patented multi-contact design. Featuring 4 contact points as opposed to the traditional jack which has just the one, the two ground and two signal tabs hold the cable in place, even after extensive use, whilst improving both the audio signal and strength.

Switching: 5 Way - Essentially, its the same setup we all know from the Stratocaster®, with Bridge, Bridge & Middle, Middle, Middle & Neck, and Neck being the 5 selectable options on the switch.

Shielding: All pickup and the control cavities are copper shielded to eliminate interference and hum.

Tuners/Machine Heads: Classic style Gotoh locking tunes.

Bridge: Gotoh modern style bridge with through-body stringing and individually adjustable saddles.

String Ferrules: One piece, chrome string ferrule plate on the rear.

Strap holders: Chrome locking / quick release strap locks